Top 10 Tips To Run Success in U.A.E. - Mohamed Al Banna

Business in UAE

Are you new to the U.A.E., or considering expanding your business into this thriving economy?

Here are a few of my top 10 gems that should help you set up a successful framework for business in the U.A.E.

I always appreciate feedback. If these helped you in any way or form, please pay it forward by sharing and definitely get in touch with me to let me know how they influenced you.

Top 10 Tips for Success in the U.A.E.

Always begin with your Why?

I am a big believer in Simon Sinek’s golden circle theory that places importance on ‘the why’ of a business before anything else. It is responsible for the success of many organizations from Apple to Uber. Why not ask yourself, Why do you want to start a business and more specifically Why in the U.A.E.?

Do your research before you set up

There are many business opportunities to explore here in the U.A.E Before you set up, establish Where, What and When you want to set up, explore all the various options and find the one that offers you the best fit for your business. Where – With a number of business hubs sprinkled across the country, it‘s important to figure which emirate and business entity will serve your business best. What – Explore all the license categories and activities offered before you commit. Make sure to include all the activities you wish to conduct to avoid issues in the future.  When – It’s important to set key milestones to help you efficiently set up your business, taking into account approvals, license and visa processing time etc.

Understand the culture and the laws of the U.A.E.

The U.A.E prides itself as a Muslim country. It’s important to be aware and respect the culture and customs especially when doing business or interacting with government officials and the U.A.E. business fraternity.  Be respectful, dress conservatively and avoid engaging in sensitive topics like politics and religion.

Your Network is your Networth

The U.A.E. plays host to hundreds of conferences, business events and industry driven seminars every year.  Make the most of these opportunities to expand your network and meet potential clients and partners. There are also a number of Business councils, organizations and clubs you may consider joining.

Hire the right people

Every day hundreds of expats move to the U.A.E. for better job prospects. This means that we have access to a diverse pool of talent. Spend time to really explore talent in the country. A detailed job description circulated across various professional platforms should catch the eye of the right types of candidates. Be open to hiring all nationalities and religions and look for employees with experience working in the Middle East who really get the culture and customs.

Be patient and avoid comparing yourself to others

Yes this is a thriving economy that boasts many success stories but nothing is instant. Always remember, one size doesn’t fit all and we are all at a different pace and path. Work hard, build relationships and trust that your business will grow to be successful with time and your efforts.

Collaboration is key

Be open to collaborate with partners and complimentary businesses. The power of one is always great but the power of many is greater! Collaboration can help you divide up tasks between shared resources; shorten the time in growing your business and build trust!

Don’t be afraid to ask

If you have questions that need to be answered from government entities, business leaders and successful entrepreneurs in the U.A.E., why not approach them and ask. With a number of access channels like Email, Linked In and social media, don’t be afraid to address your questions or invite them for a coffee. What a great way to learn, expand your network and grow your business.

Get a mentor

It’s always good to have some guidance in navigating your journey. Someone who can make you accountable for your goals and vision. Find a mentor with great experience in your industry and think about setting a plan in place to engage them.


Growth of your business begins with growth of yourself. We grow our minds when we learn. Are you reading enough, watching videos on building your skill set, attending interesting industry seminars and/or listening to podcasts? Personally reading a few books a month on business and personal growth have been a regular practice for me!