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The Nations Advisor

The nations advisor

Mohamed is a visionary, a leader, an advisor with a global perspective. As one of the country’s most respected and successful advisors, he has made significant impact in the realms of government and business.

Over the last decade, Mohamed has earned the place as a trusted advisor to royal families, business councils, leading universities and government bodies. His insights and contributions have been instrumental in the success of multiple projects that have shaped the future of the U.A.E.

Mohamed’s reputation as a highly respected, energetic and intelligent business advisor precedes him, keeping him at the top of the game. He is considered to be a part of the most eminent and reputed networks in U.A.E. Whether it is Education, Retail, FMCG, Real Estate, Insurance, Healthcare, Blockchain, Technology, Sports & Fitness, Oil & Gas or others Mohamed has enjoyed vast exposure and great expertise in all fields. With relentless focus on networking skills and implementation of strategic initiatives, he successfully coaches and advises aspiring leaders, CEOs and professionals on how to be a part of U.A.E.’s growth story.

Mohamed’s notable advisory roles include:

Acting as a trusted advisor, working closely with select members of the Royal family, leading organizations, and key stakeholders.

Mohamed continues his role working with select members of the Royal family, reputed companies, key decision makers, and leading organizations by supporting them to drive powerful collaborations and create success stories.

Board Member for the Canadian Business Council

Mohamed is an honorary Board Member of the Canadian Business Council (CBC) in Abu Dhabi. The office is dedicated to helping new residents settle into Abu Dhabi and empowers residents to lead thriving lives in the emirate by offering a diverse range of exclusive services and benefits.

Advising the future of blockchain

For the first time in history, an Arabic Cartoon show “Shaabiat Al Cartoon” has been turned into an NFT collection consisting of 9,999 unique art pieces derived from the 10 main characters within the show. Crypto Arabs aims to connect talented people and build a community where these people can share and transfer their knowledge. Mohamed is immensely proud to be a part of this venture as the founder and CEO Co as well as a senior advisor helping to pave the way for the region in the crypto space.

Developing art and heritage in U.A.E.

Belvedere Art Space is a contemporary art gallery representing international artists from around the globe. It provides insight into the world of international contemporary art for both seasoned collectors and art enthusiasts alike by hosting and curating an extensive yearly exhibition program. Mohamed takes pride in being a Partner as well as an advisor for Belvedere Art Space, helping them to collaborate and align with some of the region and the world’s best artists.

Mentoring young minds

From across many leaders, Mohamed has recently been selected to mentor students from the very prestigious Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University in the U.A.E. It is his great honor to share valuable and enriching experiences with the next generation of emerging entrepreneurs and support and guide young minds by providing insights from his experiences.

Giving back as a philanthropic entrepreneur

Mohamed is a strong believer in the power of giving back and helping others rise along with us.

He stands by the concept of gratitude and never shies away from an opportunity to give back to the community where possible. Through a long association with a number of humanitarian and charitable organizations in the country, he plays the role as both an advisor as well as a bridge to connect reputable organizations to large companies/ individuals to patron them!

With a reputation for excellence and a commitment to achieving results as an advisor and a mentor, Mohamed is the ideal choice for anyone seeking expert advice and guidance in the areas of government, business, and national development. Book your consultation with him today or learn more about his advisory services: