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Private gathering for Mr Al Banna’s Community and HH Sheikh Engineer Salim Bin Sultan Al Qasimi

Lead Ventures enterprising events

Some of Lead Ventures activities when we first launch Lead Ventures. These videos show some of our collaboration and engagements.

Crypto Arabs and Rashid Centre collaboration signing ceremony

Giving Back to the community is something that is close to my heart. Recently, Crypto Arabs launched a unique NFT Collection and a portion of the profits will go the Rashid Centre for People of Determination, a foundation that helps the empowerment, employment and integration for these individuals.

Lead Ventures / Mohamed Al Banna’s Iftar & Suhoor

Every year, I invite members of my community, whether they are locals or expats for Iftar & Suhoor. Its important for me to showcase the UAE culture and hospitality and its incredible to see this gathering of people from across the world and exchange thoughts and ideas.

Launch of Lead Ventures

The two partners, the late HH Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdulla Al Qasimi & I, celebrating the opening of Lead Ventures along with other members of the team.

The Rare Antiquities Auction

Art transcends boundaries and borders, and with that in mind, I announced a partnership with The Rare Age to showcase artwork done by Royal Family’s Noora Alredhwan, the mother of Sheikh Humaid Bin Khalid Al Qasimi, which was made to commemorate the UAE’s 50th Anniversary. The statement piece was showcased along with artworks by the great Pablo… Continue reading The Rare Antiquities Auction

Canada ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference

I recently attended the Canada ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference Reception in Abu Dhabi in my capacity as a Strategic Advisor to the Canadian Business Council (CBC) and interacted with various partners, business professionals and esteemed dignitaries including Assistant Deputy Minister of Economic Development at the Government of Saskatchewan H.E. Tyler Lynch, Air Canada Country Manager… Continue reading Canada ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference

Belvedere Art Space

Belvedere Art Space is an international contemporary art gallery which was originally founded in Beirut, Lebanon and has now opened in DIFC. The gallery hosts a large selection of artworks, by both emerging as well as well known artists from across the globe. The gallery was founded first in Lebanon by the two partners, Aal… Continue reading Belvedere Art Space

HBMSU 2023 collaboration and mentorship

Lead Ventures was one of the main sponsors for Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) Innovation Day. This was a special day as I was appointed as a mentor at the University, where I will get a chance to influence today's youth who will lead us into the future. I intend to support, guide, and… Continue reading HBMSU 2023 collaboration and mentorship

Unity: Depicting Emirati Culture

Unity: Prideful celebration of Emirati Culture

Padel Tennis Tournament for Consulates